This is our COMMITMENT

We are a family business. And we are also in the business of bringing families together. Our commitment to creating quality dishes is matched by our attention to detail. Our purpose is to give a dish you will always remember on the day you will never forget.

Every great event starts with a tasting

From Love Comes Quality

Miguel Salas began his journey in the restaurant industry over 15 years ago out of the love he has for his daughters. Being a cook in a Mexican restaurant, he immersed himself in the traditions that make this cuisine so remarkable. Now, as a chef, his goals are to raise his daughters to keep these traditions alive, and to share them with people who embrace the value of family.

Sustainable Traditions for a better future

We believe it is only through the collaboration of sustainable business and individuals that we will be able to make a change in the world. In addition to our commitment to keeping the old Mexican traditions alive, we are constantly working on making our services friendlier to the environment. We know that little by little, great things can be achieved.

Good Food Builds Strong Bonds

We come from a time where families sat around the table, shared a good home-cooked meal, and talked about our lives, our dreams, our goals, or even just teased each other in good fun. We believe good food has pivotal role in the growth of any relationship. On a special occasion it is the foundation of any conversation.

Elevated Tradition

A contemporary take on the roots of Mexican food to serve you a dish that will match the occasion.

Lasting Bonds

A high quality of service that creates lasting relationship with you and your loved ones.